I recently moved in to a 2,000 sq. ft. condo community in Westbury. Rachel helped me visualize a comfortable and warm home, ready for eight grandchildren and entertaining for a crowd. She is very easy to work with, giving her time and full attention to the needs of my living space and lifestyle.! If you are looking for a designer with patience and a wonderful design sense - call Rachel.

I absolutely love Rachel Smith at Decorative Connections. She has been working on my home for several years, creating a wonderful elegant home that still feels “cozy” and “comfy” and not at all overdone or stuffy. My rooms are rich in Design and fit into my lifestyle, Asian influences can be found throughout the house and it has a very timeless feel overall.

The kitchen really came together and “popped” when Rachel suggested the black Chinese wallpaper print! It’s insane looking and everyone comments how amazing the paper is and where on Earth did I find it! The custom built kitchen table she designed is perfect for the galley space and accommodates many family and friends!

My favorite two rooms in the entire house has to be my dinning & living rooms! Simple and beautiful. The upholstered chairs, chandelier and silk draperies that puddle to the floor in soft shades of cream are so rich and luxurious. What I love most is the fact that they are just lovely comfortable rooms yet still very children friendly. The gold plaster painted walls really give life to the entire first floor working up the staircase in a nice flow … I never get tired of looking at these two front rooms, they are gorgeous! I especially think the huge Zebra rug in the living room gives the entire space a surprise punch, and sets the pace for the rest of the house by saying, yes, this is not your boring ordinary traditional home, there are treats at every turn!!! It’s that fun, youthful touch that I love so much!

A real major plus of having my home decorated by Rachel Smith is the entertaining it allows me to do, and entertaining in easy access style. I love the fact I can throw a Tupperware party and have 22 women sitting in my living room all on chairs or ottomans with end tables that have been pulled from throughout the house, and it doesn’t look like every chair was found at a garage sale or borrowed from a neighbor for the evening. But of course, Rachel would never have designed space and rooms without this in mind!!! She thinks of everything!!!
- Jody Fleischmann